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Ipswich Building Preservation Trust was established in 1978 with the help of an interest-free loan from Ipswich Borough Council. The Trust acts as a 'repairer of last resort' assisting the Council in dealing with dilapidated buildings in Ipswich that might otherwise not be repaired. It operates on a revolving fund basis, purchasing endangered buildings and renovating them with the help of grant aid from various architectural heritage bodies. Buildings are sensitively converted for appropriate future uses and sold on to new owners to recoup Trust funds ready for the next project.

The Trust works closely with Ipswich Borough Council’s conservation officer on 'buildings at risk' issues and since its foundation 9 projects have been completed thus preserving many threatened buildings. These range from the modest conversion of two dilapidated cottages into a single residence to a large scheme bringing a prominent 15th century timber framed building back into use as two retail units with two separate self-contained flats above.

In 1987 there were 550 Listed buildings in Ipswich and 44 of them were considered at risk, but by 2012 this was reduced to 6 out of 650 Listed buildings.

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